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Sustainable exterior façades made from reclaimed wood


Naturally beautiful house claddin

Discover the FRONT exterior façade from Loopwood, made from recycled scaffolding boards. Our dimensionally stable rhombus slats lend any building a unique and timeless character. The naturally grayed surface and the special patina of each slat tell of the wood's long history and give both modern and traditional construction projects a natural look.

FRONT exterior façade

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Naturally grayed rhombus slats that remain their shape

With the FRONT façade from Loopwood, you can build and renovate in an environmentally friendly way. All our rhombus slats are made of solid reclaimed wood from old scaffolding boards. The boards are elaborately processed and transformed into rhombus slats. Being both sustainable and attractive makes our façades a durable and environmentally friendly solution for modern construction.

A Loopwood exterior façade offers various advantageous reclaimed wood qualities: The visible side of the rhombus slats made from old scaffolding boards is naturally grayed, which means that it does not need to be coated or gray-stained. As the scaffolding boards have been exposed to the elements for many years, the façade slats are particularly dimensionally stable. The carefully brushed surface further enhances the unique character of the reclaimed wood, giving each building a distinctive and unmistakable look.


Flexible and sustainable

With Loopwood rhombus slats, exterior façades can be designed in a variety of ways, from full-surface cladding to subtle touches. With a prefabricated 15-degree angle of inclination, our slats not only create dynamic shadow effects, but also optimize water drainage. On request, we offer mitred slats for precise and attractive corners and edges.

All Loopwood products, including our rhombus-profile slats, are made from recycled scaffolding boards from Schollmayer Holz, who have been committed to sustainable forestry since 1853. By reusing time-worn scaffolding boards, we are making an active contribution to environmental protection and lending any construction project an air of authenticity. Each of our pieces is unique, telling its own story and combining quality with environmental protection.


“Our scaffolding boards bear the scars created by years of exposure to sun, wind and rain. Their patina tells each of the stories they have witnessed over the years.”


Sustainable and Durable Floors Made of Used Wood

A floor made of used wood is something more than a stylish floor covering – it is a statement about sustainability. The production of furniture and flooring made of used wood conserves resources and protects the environment. What’s more, all of the spruce wood for scaffolding boards that is later used to make our vintage floors, furniture and acoustic panels comes from sustainable forestry. The natural aging process of the wood and the special treatment make our floors more robust and durable.