Get to Know Loopwood


Get to Know Loopwood

How Can Wood Live Forever?

The sixth generation to operate the company Schollmayer Holz asked itself this question and came up with one answer: a brand called Loopwood. The vision at Loopwood is to give a new lease on life to time-worn scaffolding boards. The result is minimalistic furniture and flooring that are not only beautiful, but also sustainable. Every Loopwood product fits seamlessly into modern and classic interiors and continues to tell its own special story there.

The Idea

Our aim is to preserve the beauty and story of our weathered planks in every product we make and to demonstrate that design and environmental responsibility can go hand in hand. By repurposing wood in which CO2 has already been stored, we actively foster climate protection. We are determined to help create a future in which wood lives forever and in which every piece of wood is transformed from its original purpose in life into something new and beautiful that will last for ages.

The Team

The idea for Loopwood came from Daniel Schollmayer and Johannes Kirdorf, members of the sixth generation of the Schollmayer family that has dedicated itself to the raw material called wood for 175 years. Together with designer Bernd Benninghoff, they act as the creative forces behind Loopwood. Their passion for sustainability, their love of detail and the artistic craftsmanship of Schollmayer’s wood experts flow into everything made by Loopwood. Loopwood is determined to make products that are much more than simple pieces of furniture. They should also express a philosophy of life.

The Heart

Our scaffolding boards are the heart of Loopwood. They have traveled through towns and cities for years, supporting work on churches and castles and giving craftsmen and artists a firm platform on which they could work. They bear the scars carved into them by years of exposure to the sun, wind and rain. Their patina tells each of the stories they have witnessed over the years. Before they begin their new lives as pieces of furniture and flooring in their new homes, our boards go through an elaborate manual process of repurposing and upscaling. This process is a homage to the history of the wood and brings out its unique beauty and character for all to see. Our artistic craftsmanship ensures that the patina of each board is preserved and given a new lease on life in Loopwood’s products – the perfect symbiosis of craftsmanship, history and modern design.

The Story

Loopwood is a brand of Schollmayer Holz. Ever since the company was established by Georg Schollmayer in 1853 near Mainz, Germany, Schollmayer Holz has stood for quality and innovation in the wood industry. From a former sawmill into a hidden champion: Franz and Stefan Schollmayer have very successfully shaped the face of this family-run company for decades. Today, Schollmayer Holz is the leading manufacturer of scaffolding floors and toe boards made of laminated wood. The company’s scaffolding floors can be found in countless construction sites and renovation projects throughout Germany and Europe, including venerated historic buildings like Neuschwanstein Castle. The family-run company has perfected the art of wood processing for generations. The Loopwood brand represents its next step into a new, innovative business area.

The Cycle

At Schollmayer Holz, the love of wood has been intimately connected to the love of nature for many generations. The company is considered to be one of the pioneers of sustainable construction practices. Before the issue of climate protection gained the public attention it deserved, Schollmayer Holz dedicated itself to protecting the environment and conserving resources. Today, Schollmayer Holz exclusively uses wood from sustainable forestry, generates 60 percent of the electricity it uses and bases its production operation on the zero-waste principle. The establishment of the Loopwood brand gives eternal life to wood: After its use, the scaffolding boards are returned and repurposed into high-quality, aesthetic furniture and flooring.